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Enhance Interactive
is now Marchex Adhere

Reach more customers searching for what you sell. Marchex Adhere™ delivers cost-effective pay-per-click access to top search and local Web sites, including OpenList™, one of the largest and fastest-growing local search network that reaches more than 33 million people nationwide.

For those who are new to advertising online, here are some basic elements of PPC advertising

Every click on your advertisements will not convert to a sale

  • The user who clicks may be gathering information, but may not be ready to buy anything
  • The user may find your product pricing or Web site performance lacking in some respect.
  • The user may do so by accident or may be looking for another product

PPC advertising is a highly automated service

  • Signup and select your keywords
  • Set the price that you are willing to pay for a click
  • Advertisements go into system and are viewed across owned and partner web sites

Click fraud impacts the entire online advertising industry

  • Clicks that appear to be fraudulant are blocked
  • Not all fraudulant clicks can be blocked by any system
  • You vote with your checkbook - we don't deliver, you don'y pay - You pay for performance

Get access to Billions of searches per month: $25 account credit

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check and forms program
Checks and Forms Reseller Program


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