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About EntireWeb

Entireweb was founded back in May of 2000 with the main idea to be a test-platform for a new search technology developed by AB during the fall of 1999. In a short period of time Entireweb became a highly popular search engine and with this demand they developed a new search technology during 2002-2003 and this new technology is the results that you can see on Entireweb today.


Entireweb´s mission is to provide easy-to-use search services to the community, and they are dedicated to setting a high-quality standard for search technology. As the Web becomes larger and more complex, finding high-quality information has become very important to Internet users. With their search technology, they help users find information quickly and easy. Entireweb´s philosophy is to be able to deliver the best quality search tools available. They continue to develop with new initiatives to continually improving freshness, quality and relevancy to help users get the best results available on what they seek.

A History of Hard Work

Entireweb, was inspired by the creation of big ideas from a team of youngsters in Halmstad, Sweden back in 1999. Entireweb was launched during the spring of 2000 as a beta-platform for its new technology and the rest is history and has led to Entireweb's success.

Search engines are powerful and cost effective marketing platforms, delivering a high volume of qualified customers directly to your Web site. To receive this qualified traffic from search engines, your web pages must be available and up to date in their index.

The Entireweb Express Inclusion program is an easy, cost effective way to ensure that the millions of people who use Entireweb's search technology can find your site when they're looking for it. Best of all, Express Inclusion is low-overhead: you only pay for your full year inclusion, and there are no cost-per-click fees. All clicks you receive are free!

Program Benefits

  • Your URL(s) will be added to Entireweb's search index within 2 business days
  • Your URL(s) will be re-freshed every 2 business days for a 12 month period
  • The Entireweb network provides over 100 Million searches per month
With Express Inclusion, your content can be found throughout the Entireweb search partner network. SpeedyAds, Entireweb's pay-per-click advertising solution, is a non-invasive, cost-efficient way of getting your site and products in front of thousands of people. Your SpeedyAds account will give you access to both SpeedyAds Advertiser, our pay-per-click contextual advertising system, and SpeedyAds Publisher, which lets you earn real money by displaying our ads on your own pages.

Increase Your traffic and Sales the Easy Way

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Checks and Forms Reseller Program


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