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Highly Qualified Targeted Search Traffic at a Fraction of the Cost

Search123 allows advertisers to reach a unique source of quality search traffic on hundreds of content-rich websites, directories and search engines across all major consumer categories

Their CPCs are at least 50% less than Overture and Google in most cases. Use your Search123 PPC campaign to drive incremental quality traffic and improve your overall return-on-investment (ROI) from search marketing

Search123 is committed to working with you to meet your performance objectives. They offer free account set-up, keyword research and expansion, and account management and optimization services. Whether you need assistance writing a few titles and descriptions or would like ongoing assistance in managing or optimizing your account, their Advertiser Services team is pleased to provide free, personal service.

You can sign-up, list your site, select your keywords, set your bids, manage your account and make changes- all in real-time. There is no waiting period or editorial approval requirement on existing accounts, so you can make changes to benefit your business

Their Variable Bidding system allows you to set a maximum bid amount, guaranteeing the highest possible rank in the search results up to your maximum bid. Your bids are monitored and adjusted in real-time, in order to deliver qualified leads within your bid range

Set your own hourly, daily, weekly or monthly spending limits that conform to your marketing budget; there is no minimum spending requirement

Elect to have your account automatically funded when your balance dips below $5.00.

Their proprietary click quality analysis and "data scrubbing" tools and processes ensure that Search123 advertisers receive only the highest quality search traffic

Their industry-leading user interface gives advertisers maximum performance visibility and control of their accounts

Want additional Search traffic at a fraction of the cost? Try Search123.

Checks and Forms Reseller Program
check and forms program
Checks and Forms Reseller Program


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