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Web Site Audio Advertising

Internet audio is the perfect way to get your message out to your auidence. It is traceable and verifiable. Today 97% of computers come equipped with audio enabled - your auidence is listening when your ad plays. Your ad will be played when a listener visits any one of 15 million websites currently carrying spots. If the internet visitor remains on the page for more than 3 minutes your ad will play again.

Why Audio Ads

No other form of media can connect to as many people on the intenet. Just like radio, repetition is king. If you want someone to remember your ad, you have to make sure they hear it often. What better way to do that than when they are surfing the web. You can have a Super Bowl auidence everyday. The internet is the world's largest communication distribution platform - more than 907 million daily online listeners.

Your ad is matched to your audience - sell trucks to ESPN visitors during football season.

Ad production is simple:

  • Send us your own MP3 file
  • Record your ad over the phone
  • Professional Studio, ours or yours

Work with a Professional - find Advertising Consultants here

Checks and Forms Reseller Program
check and forms program
Checks and Forms Reseller Program


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