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Introducing Web-Based Checks

All the Benefits of Paper Checks at a Fraction of the Cost

Paper checks are a necessary evil. Paper checks are an efficient way to issue business-to-business payments with remittance, provide compensation without the banking information of the payee and authorize a single payment to multipile parties. Paper checks are expensive. Paper, ink, envelopes, postage, labor and that is just the disbursement aspect. Those who receive checks absorb the labor costs of opening envelopes, verifying payments and transporting the paper checks to the bank. The cost of the time lag between the generation and receipt of payment is also charged to the payee's side of the ledger.

Now there is an alternative. Everyone Gets Paid - and we mean it. We can give you all the benefits of paper checks without the high cost. A valid check has nothing to do with the paper it is written on

Paperless Checks

Paper is simply a vessel for holding information. The real check is the data fields it contains: the check number, the amount, the bank routing number, the receiver name and most important the authorizing action which says that thye account holder agrees to pay the stated amount to the payee. The challenge in providing this information electronically has been implementing a verifiable authorizing action that prevents fraud.

Thanks to patened fraud prevention technology based on a Trusted Time Stamp we can now provide the framework for the electronic validation of checks. Online authentication removes the need for paper from the check process, giving checks their first major upgrade in over 200 years.

With a few simple keystrokes, you can create a check and deliver it securely and quickly via the web. Your payee receives a legal and valid check that can be used wherever checks are accepted. No new equpment is needed, you use devices that you are already using now. You will still send and receive checks using your existing accounting system and checking account, but you will use them in a way that is substantially less expensive and far more efficient.

Sending and Receiving EGP eChecks

Sending checks is fast, easy and secure. It does not matter whether you write two checks or a thousand. It is simple. With your name or business name and email address you create a lockbox for holding the needed information for creating and receiving checks.

Issue checks the same way you do today. There is no charge to receive a check issued to you by a valid user and no account or lockbox is needed. Open your own account lockbox and you send, receive and deposit checks without leaving your electronic device

Everyone Gets Paid -> To send your next check via the web, create an account at EGP eChecks today and start enjoying the benefits of going paperless
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