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Avoid Over Affiliating

What is the most common mistake of both new and established affiliate sites?
That's right -- over affiliating.

Affiliates email our staff everyday asking how they can make millions of dollars overnight. Well, if the answer to that was not clear enough (there is no easy way), a quick review of their website reveals some very poor marketing techniques on the part of many affiliates. So how do you make the most of the programs that you have joined? Read the three tips below and make sure that you don't "over-affiliate."

TIP 1: One Program per Page

Internet users are much more savvy than they use to be. Gone are the days when you could just fill up a page with hundreds of banners and be considered an effective Internet marketer. Focus on one program per page and really sell the benefits, and we're sure that you'll see an increase in sales.

TIP 2: Show me the Content

If you just fill up your pages with other companies offers (the same offers that they see day in and day out) you will undoubtedly experience a much lower click-through rate. To ensure that you get people coming back, develop content every week about the program(s) that you are promoting. If you're affiliated with a hosting company, write articles about how to get the most out of your host. If you break the article up into three or four articles, you have a guaranteed return visitor because they will want to return to see the rest.

TIP 3: Keep track of your efforts and success

Why would you want to keep promoting something that is not paying off? Keep in mind that all affiliate programs on the Web are not winners. For some there is very little demand, for others even less. If you have reason to believe that a program is not paying off or out, dump it and move on to a more profitable one. Remember, it's your website and your livelihood. Don't invest your valuable time if there is not a substantial return.

Checks and Forms Reseller Program
check and forms program
Checks and Forms Reseller Program


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