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Branding - Advertising on the Internet

We have always associated Internet Branding with all of those annoying banners. We all now recognize the "Classmates" or the annoying monkey that runs back and forth - they had to run millions of those banners. Have you noticed -- banners are going away -- they're gone from AltaVista, Yahoo (when you search), MSN, Google never had them... By staying on top of the search results for an extended period of time you can effectively brand your mark. Now, the results are in and Branding is playing a much bigger part then you would have ever imagined. As a matter of fact it's a FREE by product.. read on..

Branding with a Pay per click - PPC advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an outstanding media to use to Brand your mark (company or products). Through search engine browsing, your target prospect comes directly to you, searching for what you’re offering. If you’re in the top few positions the prospect will see your mark over and over again – even if they don’t click on your link. Since you are only charged when someone actually clicks on your link, you may actually pay a very small amount for advertising but have tremendous frequency and reach of your campaign.

The Great Equalizer

We like to refer to the Internet as “The Great Equalizer”, since you have the power to look and act like a major corporation. People will assume from the internet presence created by your efforts, that you are much larger than may be the case. People will feel as though you are everywhere on the internet

Frequency and Reach

The basics behind Branding are in the frequency of the ad and the percent of your target market reached. Conceptually, the prospect needs to see the ad over and over again (15 to 20 times) before they act. This has been true with traditional media such as TV, Radio, Direct Mail and Print

PPC campaigns that have run for an extended period of time are now proving that Branding is paying off. Using the same budget as a year ago and maintaining the top 3 positions for most of the keywords over that time are delivering increases in acquisitions by more than 50%. Certainly, there are many factors to consider such as market growth, competition and the cost per acquisition. Time has shown that the factors have remained relatively constant and the only logical explanation is the strength of our Branding. By maintaining the top positions for the correct keywords, everyday your brand will be recognizable to your target market. People will search for a product and then come back again and again to do further research before they buy. If your brand is constantly in front of them, when they’re ready, they will act. On the other hand, if your ad disappears and is no longer listed, you will lose the opportunity and continuity.

50,000 Viewers Daily

Millions of searches are performed everyday by millions of people using millions of keywords. In addition, less than 1% of these searches results in a click to a top listed sites. This means that for every time a top link is clicked, there are 99 other times that the ad is viewed for free. If the ad is in one of the top positions, it’s guaranteed to be seen every time. Here lies the great value of PPC in regard to Branding – 99% of the time it’s FREE! The 1% of the time that the link is clicked on, a relevant prospect visits your website. It turns out that a successful PPC sales campaign can also result in a successful Branding campaign. In addition, if your main goal is to Brand your mark, it’s free 99% of the time – sounds like a win – win here.

Consider these numbers: If you receive 500 clicks a day, approximately 50,000 people will view your Brand mark every day (this assumes a 1% click through rate). In one year, about 4,000,000 people will have viewed your Brand mark.

What sets PPC apart from most other advertising is that the prospective customers are looking (searching) for your products. With TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Print and other traditional media, very few of the people are actually looking for the products being advertised. In addition, you’re only charged when someone clicks on you link and visits your website

One factor that is very important, when Branding your mark, is frequency. It is essential that you maintain consistency of exposure for an extended period of time. It takes several months to Brand a mark and when you have the numbers it will tell the story.

Checks and Forms Reseller Program
check and forms program
Checks and Forms Reseller Program


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