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Build A Web Site

Building Full-Custom Web Sites

Even though people are spending a record amount of time online, too often the payoff isn't much greater than the effort. There's a real opportunity for clearly organized, consistent and functional sites to reap big rewards from both a user and business perspective. A great website is one that has been specifically planned, designed, tested and promoted to connect the right user with the right message.

What is Your Message and Who is Your Audience?

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that the mere fact they have created a web site will result in customers magically finding their site, which in turn will result in customers. This is where 99% of internet marketers go wrong. Success on the internet depends on two things:

  • A Targeted Site
  • Web Traffic

This article will focus on the fundamentals of a good custom-built web site that has the potential to generate orders. We say potential because a great site with no traffic - or no one who sees it - will never make you any money either, much like a great restaurant in the middle of the Sahara desert won't have many customers no matter how tasty the food.

But before you start putting together your internet marketing strategy, or even writing one line of HTML code, you have to identify who you want to be your customer. As an example. There is a customer out there who has just received an outrageous bill from AT&T for his/her T1 service, and who has come to the internet to find a better rate. Odds are this person will want to do a little comparison searching without too much hoopla. Here is a site that answers: click here to view site

Another example - This site is very targeted and has done extremely well - it concentrates on one market segment here to view site

The trick of internet marketing is to make your visitors feel that your site is the one they were looking for. That is why it is so important to not create general "save on long distance" pages with lots of banner ads and to hone in on a specific niche market.

Create Your Site

Below is a step-by-step checklist that you can follow to create your own full custom site:

Of course, you are on your own to come up with an original message and make your site interesting and appealing to your audience. However, there is plenty of 'plug-and-play' code that you can use free of charge

Find Web Site Design Help and Professionals here


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