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Dedicated Hosting

Many companies find that as their business expands they require a more advanced hosting environment to host their Web sites, e-mail and applications. When faced with that challenge turn to a provider who has the expertise, services and products to deliver advanced, multi-server configurations which provide added redundancy, security and higher performance to your business

Whether its load balanced Web Servers, data driven web sites that need dedicated database servers, basic web or mail servers all in the same configuration, we can work with you to assess your needs and recommend the right solution for you. We offer the best product solutions to further enhance the redundancy and security of your server environment, and you can integrate Load Balancing or a Firewall to any server cluster

Dedicated hosting costs more, but offers more features and benefits. With dedicated hosting, you're the only site on the server and have your own IP address. A dedicated IP address used to be a requirement for SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption, but some hosting companies now offer it as part of virtual hosting packages.

Because you have the server to yourself, dedicating hosting is more expensive but offers these advantages:

  • More control: You don't have to worry about someone's bad script slowing or crashing the server. You have only yourself to blame if that happens
  • Faster response with high traffic loads. Because the server only responds to request for information from your site, visitors won't have to wait in line to view your Web pages and images
  • Easier setups. It's easier to set up the server to handle anonymous FTP and SSL encryption if the server has a dedicated IP address. This isn't impossible with virtual hosting, but it is more difficult. Many virtual hosts don't offer it or charge a premium if they do. If the host offers SSL encryption with a virtual hosting account, make sure they set it up for you
  • No bandwidth penalty. Virtual hosting accounts usually offer a certain amount of bandwidth per month to each site on the server. Sites that go over their allotment get charged extra. But dedicated hosting generally has no such restrictions because it's assumed you need a lot of bandwidth if you require your own server.

On a Dedicated Server, you have the entire machine to yourself. This is fast, secure and you have full control. You can install any program your heart desires and update programs as often as you wish. This is a good choice for sites that get a lot of visitors, use a lot of system resources (through the use of CGI scripts), if you are holding very important data, or if you need special software that is not available on virtual servers

To sum it up, you need a dedicated server if :

  • Your site gets so many hits your Virtual Server account cannot handle it
  • You want to host many sites on the one server
  • You need a feature that is not offered on a Virtual Server
  • You require a high level of security

EGP Web Hosting


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